Notice of modification of ID numbers of the JHPS/KHPS

Date 2017/11/01

For this year’s released data sets, the ID numbers of the subjects of the JHPS/KHPS have been changed from 4 digits to 5 digits. More specifically, we added a “1” before the ID numbers of the KHPS subjects, and a “2” before the ID numbers of the JHPS subjects.

■ The ID numbers of the data sets below have been changed:

  • The Japan Household Panel Survey (JHPS/KHPS)
  • JHPS/KHPS_investigators (Japanese language only)
  • JHPS/KHPS_OA (Japanese language only)
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake Special Survey (GEES)

We will inform you soon after we change the variable “mainid” in the data set of the Japan Children's Panel Survey (JCPS).


The variable “mainid” is the ID number of the JHPS/KHPS. This variable will help combine the two data sets JCPS and JHPS/KHPS.