Acquiring the Data

Qualifications and requirements for usage

  • The Panel Data Research Center at Keio University provides data obtained from the Japan Household Panel Survey (JHPS/KHPS) and its supplementary surveys, for nonprofit and academic purposes only, to researchers and graduate students (including postdoc) affiliated with national, public, and private research institutions.
  • It is mandatory you abide by the rules mentioned in the written pledge at all times while using this data. Please give this pledge your utmost consideration and adhere to its requirements. Violation of any pledged items may lead to prohibitions on data use in the future.


Basic policy of data release

1. Schedule of release

In principle, the microdata of the JHPS/KHPS will be made available for general research purposes approximately one year after the survey implementation period ends. The microdata of the supplementary surveys will be made available at various timings.

2.Confidentiality of survey respondents

Since maintaining the confidentiality of survey respondents is a prerequisite for providing the microdata, only eight regional codes (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu) are supplied with the provided data. Codes for prefectures and municipalities are deleted. Additionally, since January 2015, birthdates have been deleted to strengthen the confidentiality.

3.Method of provision

The microdata is made available to download from our web-based Data Management System (DMS) by approved users. There are no costs for using the data.
The files include the survey questionnaire (PDF file), the codebook (Excel format), and a summary table of variables (Excel format) (except for Japan Child Panel Survey (JCPS)). The microdata is provided in a comma separated value format (*.csv).

Procedure for requesting and using our data

1. Requesting data

First, you need to register an account with the site. When your registration is complete, follow the instructions on the site to choose which data you need and fill in the Data Request form.

The PDRC makes approval decisions based on the Data Request form. It may take some time for users to receive the requested data after submitting the form. We suggest you allow for this extra time when planning your research schedule.

2.Downloading data

Once your request is approved, you can begin downloading the data files from our Data Management System (DMS). Please log into the DMS, and download the data you requested. You can download data multiple times through the end of the approved usage period.

3. Data usage

Access to the microdata is granted on a yearly basis, beginning with request approval and ending after one calendar year.

In principle, users are required to make judgments only on the basis of items mentioned on the official website and related materials contained in the downloaded files, and must accept responsibility for interpreting the data. Please inform the PDRC regarding any mistakes in the provided data and materials.

All publications of analyzed data provided by the PDRC in academic journals, academic societies, and media articles must credit the Panel Data Research Center at Keio University for providing the data used.

The data for this analysis, Japan Household Panel Survey (JHPS/KHPS), was provided by the Keio University Panel Data Research Center.

4.By the end of the approved usage period (one year from the date of application approval)

Please delete all downloaded data by the end of the approved usage period (one year from the date of application approval). You are also required to report your research using the microdata provided by the PDRC on our website. To report your research results, please log into the Data Management System (DMS) and follow instructions on the Research Publications Report to fill out the form.

Points to be noted for Data Request

1.Data Request screen

1) Log into the Data Management System (DMS).
Find “Register / Log in for data application” in the right top corner of the page. Follow instructions to complete the registration. Once completed, log into the DMS.
2) Choose your requested data
From User Menu on the right side of the first page of the DMS, please click on “Data Request”, and choose the data needed for your research.
3) Fill in the Data Request form
 Personal information of applicants
Provide personal information for applicants.
 Joint researchers
Each joint researcher is required to register and apply for use of the data by her/himself, unless s/he will not be directly accessing the data.
If a joint researcher will not be handling the data personally, s/he should instead be registered as a joint researcher on the Data Request form submitted by the primary researcher.
 Research topic
Fill in the most appropriate research title specifying the contents of your research.
 Questionnaires
Clearly specify which survey items you will use.
 Purposes of research
Describe your research objectives, expected results, and the significance of your work as concretely and with as much detail as possible.
 Research plan and methods
Enter specific information regarding your research plan and the methods you will use to carry out your research.
 Written pledge
Please read carefully the conditions for usage of our data written in the “Written Pledge.” Check “Agree,” and click “Confirm.” After conforming the contents you registered, click “Complete” to complete your application.
 Recommendations
Student (including postdoc) applications require recommendations from supervisors at the affiliated institution (department head, dean, president, etc.), your academic supervisors, or members from the PDRC. Please provide email addresses for all recommenders so the PDRC can contact them directly.

2.Research Publications Report screen

1) Log into the Data Management System (DMS).
From “Register / Log in for data application” on the right top corner of the page, please complete the registration, and log into the DMS.
2) Research Publications Report
From User Menu on the right side of the first page of DMS, please click on Research Publications Report.
3) Fill out the Research Publications Report form.
 Publication of research results
Check the box in accordance with requirements for reporting your published research using data provided by the PDRC and upload your publication (PDF file), if applicable.
 Report of research details
If you do not upload a copy of the publication, you must include a detailed report of your research.
 About your Research Publication Report
Please note that your Research Publication Report (author, title, summary, and other details.) will be available on our website as part of the research list using PDRC data. (We do not display the full text on the website.).


If you have any questions, please contact us using the inquiry form provided.