Why We Need Your Cooperation

Dear study participants,

Thank you very much for your participation in our panel survey developed at Panel Data Research Center at Keio University.

Our center was established to study the effects of social and economic change as well as government policies on individuals, households, and firms.

A panel survey follows the same persons, households, or companies over time. This is the only way researchers can look at individual-level changes in behavior or economic conditions over time.

You are selected as a participant in our study using a statistical method to ensure that the people in the survey are a representative sample of Japan as a whole.

That's why we want as many of you as possible to participate in our survey – every one of you brings a unique and important piece of information about our society.

Our data has been increasingly used by both domestic and international researchers as a representative of panel data in Japan.

We sincerely ask your continuous cooperation for better policies, and better society based on better data.

Director, Panel Data Research Center
Professor of Business and Commerce

Isamu Yamamoto