Abour the third wave of the survey(KHPS2006)

The third wave of the survey was implemented in the following manner.

- Day for the Survey
  The survey was implemented on 31 January 2006.

- Subjects for the Survey
  The 3,342 individuals who were subjects of the KHPS second wave
   (valid respondent 3,314 individuals and 28 individuals who did not respond KHPS the second wave,
but who indicate a wish to cooperate the survey.)

- Survey Method
  The survey was implemented by the drop-off pick-up (DOPU) method

- Types of Questionnaires
  Two types of questionnaires that differed according to whether there was a spouse or not were used.
And another questionnaire for spouse who married with respondent in the past year.

- Collection Rate
  Of 3,314 individuals who were surveyed, 2,887 individuals responded the survey, and then the collection rate was 87.1%.

KHPS Third Wave Responses

Number of samples 3,342
Completed 2,887
Of which last respondent 2,887
Of which revival 0
Recovery rate 87.1%
Married 2,190
Single 697
Newlywed 21
Dropout 455

  Recovery rate  (= ( (Completed-Revival ) / Completed in last year )×100)


3rd wave(KHPS2006) questionnaire PDF