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Spatial Probit Analysis on Welfare Stigma: Evidence from Japan

DP Number DP2016-006
Language 英語のみ
Date February, 2017
Author Masato Takahashi
JEL Classification codes C21, I38
Keywords Public assistance, Spatial probit model, Welfare stigma
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This paper empirically examines welfare stigma in Japan using the spatial
autoregressive and error probit models based on the Japan Household Panel Survey
(JHPS/KHPS). The empirical analysis finds evidence that favours the existence of
internal type of traditional stigma; however, no evidence suggests the existence of
external type of traditional stigma. This paper contributes to the existing literature in
two ways: first, the public assistance system in Japan is for the first time empirically
examined from the perspective of welfare stigma; second, it shows that internal and
external types of traditional stigma can be simultaneously examined using the spatial
probit models.