Discussion Papers

The Impact of Daycare Closures Owing to COVID-19 on Parental Stress: A Case of Japan

DP Number DP2021-005
Language 英語のみ
Date September, 2021
Author Michio Naoi, Tsubasa Ito, Kazuto Sumita, Qing Ye
JEL Classification codes I13; I18; C90
Keywords Parents' mental health; State of emergency; COVID-19; Doubly robust difference-in-differences method
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This study aims to estimate the change in stress levels within households that had children under 6 years owing to the closure of daycare facilities in the wake of the state emergency declared in Japan in April 2020 to fight the COVID-19 crisis. Doubly robust difference-in-differences method is used based on household panel data. The results show that the stress of parents significantly increased when their children were forced to stay at home as daycare facilities closed. Another analysis also reveals that leaving children in daycare facilities during this period significantly reduced the stress of parents.