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The Impact of the 2014 Revision of the Long-Term Care Insurance System on the Employment of Family Members Living with Care Recipients in Japan: An Analysis Using JHPS/KHPS 2018

DP Number DP2019-006
Language 日本語のみ
Date March, 2020
Author Ryotaro Fukahori
JEL Classification codes J21, J22, J01
Keywords Long-Term Care Insurance System in Japan; Employment of Family Members; Japan Household Panel Survey(JHPS/KHPS)
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The Long-Term Care Insurance System of Japan was revised in 2014. Before this revision, the amount paid by long-term care service users was 10%. After the revision, the burden on many users remained at 10% but the users whose income exceeded a certain level had to pay 20%. This study investigates the impact of this revision on the labor supply of the children living with care recipients. The data we use is the Japan Household Panel Survey (JHPS/KHPS), and we employ a differences-in-differences-in-difference (DDD) model. Our result is not sufficiently robust, but it suggests that the burden may have negative impact on the labor supply of the children, reflecting the role of family in long-term care in Japan.