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Retirement Behavior of Elderly Workers in Japan: an empirical analysis of the individual attributes and policy by using Longitudinal Survey of Middle-aged and Elderly Persons

DP Number DP2020-002
Language 日本語のみ
Date May, 2020
Author Kazuma Sato, Ryotaro Fukahori, Yoshio Higuchi
JEL Classification codes J08; J14
Keywords Elderly employment;Survival analysis;Public pension system
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This study attempts to examine the effects of socioeconomic attributes, utilization of human resources in companies, and policy regarding pension and employment on the retirement of individuals by using the Longitudinal Survey of Middle-aged and Elderly Persons conducted by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The results of this study showed that the retirements of the middle-aged and elderly are significantly affected by an individual's economic resources, subjective health, mental health, financial and real assets, method of utilizing the human resources in companies.