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【PDRC Research Series on JHPS Second Generation Supplement】
Analysis on Intergenerational Health Mobility in Japan using JHPS Second Generation Supplement

DP Number DP2020-012
Language 日本語のみ
Date March, 2021
Author Kayoko ISHII, Isamu Yamamoto
JEL Classification codes I14; I3; J62
Keywords intergenerational mobility; intergenerational elasticity; health; inequality; panel data
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This paper examines the intergenerational health mobility using the two-generational household panel survey. Despite of the growing interest in the intergenerational social mobility, there are few studies on the intergenerational health mobility in Japan, due to the lack of data. In this paper, we present the first estimates of the Intergenerational Health Association (IHA) in Japan using the "JHPS (Japanese Household Panel Survey)" and the "JHPS-G2 (JHPS Second Generation Supplement)". Our result shows that IHA is 0.19 between fathers and adult children and 0.12 between mothers and adult children. Compared with the intergenerational income mobility in Japan calculated in the previous researches, the intergenerational health mobility is greater, and this trend can be seen in U.S. Our finding also shows that the IHA in Japan is slightly lower than U.S. and other OECD countries.