About the seventeenth wave of the survey (KHPS2020)

The seventeenth wave of the survey (17th wave)

- Survey Date
The survey was implemented on 31 January 2020.
- Survey Subjects
The 2,409 individuals who were subjects of the KHPS sixteenth wave.
(Valid respondent: 2,378 individuals and 31 individuals who did not respond KHPS the sixteenth wave, but who indicate a wish to cooperate the survey.)
- Survey Method
The survey was implemented by the drop-off pick-up (DOPU) method
- Types of Questionnaires
Two types of questionnaires that differed according to whether there was a spouse or not were used. And another questionnaire for spouse who married with respondent in the past year.
- Collection Rate
Of 2,378 individuals who were surveyed, 2,230 individuals responded the survey, and then the collection rate was 93.8%.
14 respondents who did not respond to the survey last year cooperated the re-survey this year, and submitted the questionnaires.

KHPS Seventeenth Wave Responses

Number of samples 2,409
Completed 2,244
Of which last respondent 2,230
Of which revival 14
Recovery rate* 93.8%
Married 1,664
Single 580
Newlywed 8
Dropout 165

*Recovery rate (= ( (Completed-Revival ) / Completed in last year )×100)

■ seventeenth wave (KHPS2020) Questionnaires PDF

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