The Cross-National Equivalent File (CNEF) project

The Cross-National Equivalent File (CNEF) is a project involving data from general population household-based panel surveys fielded in Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Russia, Switzerland and the United States. Each of these countries fields a longitudinal survey of households and their inhabitants. Researchers at institutions in each country collaborate with CNEF to harmonize a subset of the data from each survey. The collection of the cross national data are designed to allow cross national researchers not experienced in panel data analysis to access a simplified version of these panels, while providing experienced panel data users with guidelines for formulating equivalent variables across countries. The harmonized data can be used, individually or as a set, by researchers to compare social and economic outcomes over time and across countries. Researchers exploit a cross-national design to understand whether differences in observed outcomes can be explained by differences in policies, social, and economic situations one observes across countries.


JHPS-CNEF (2009-)

Survey Items

The JHPS-CNEF database is composed by a subset of questions collected from the former “Japan Household Panel Survey” (JHPS) cohort. Part of these data were adapted in order to be harmonized with the data from the other countries that participate on CNEF project. For more information about the variables available in JHPS-CNEF, please consult the CNEF codebook (https://cnef.ehe.osu.edu/files/2019/06/JHPS_CNEF.pdf) or the CNEF homepage (https://cnef.ehe.osu.edu/).